guarantees its
products and service.

    The 12 volt transformers are 1-year warranty. The controllers, dimmers and switches are 2-year warranty. The direct transformers are guaranteed 2 years. The recessed lights are guaranteed 3 to 5 years (see data sheets for the exact product warranty). The puck light and the dimmable transformer are guaranteed for 3 years. The LED flexible ribbons are guaranteed 1 to 3 years limited. The LPV Transformers are guaranteed for 3 years and the Leviton dimmer are guaranteed for 5 years. All these warranties are from the date of receipt of the product to the customer, subject to any exclusion or limitation set forth below.

    This warranty does not cover the excessive use of the product, modification, the non-observance of instructions for its use, or its improper and / or incorrect use. InnovaDEL Lighting disclaims all liability for damages arising from failure to follow instructions in connection with the intended use of the product. InnovaDEL Lighting disclaims all liability for injury, personal injury, consequential damage or loss arising from or in connection with the installation or use of its equipment other than the instructions in the installation manuals, additional installation instructions, technical bulletins or product documentation. You will provide InnovaDEL Lighting with an immediate written notification of any personal injury resulting from the use of InnovaDEL Lighting products.

    InnovaDEL Lighting does not guarantee the damage and defects of its products occurring under the following conditions: natural disaster, maintenance or repair of InnovaDEL Lighting products without authorization, damage related to power supply and surge problems, use of parts or components not provided by InnovaDEL Lighting, failure to follow instructions and instructions, unauthorized modifications to InnovaDEL Lighting products, transportation damage (other than the original shipment) made by Innovadel Lighting), failure to perform preventive maintenance, or damage caused by objects, components or any other external source.


    Warranty Repair: In the event that an InnovaDEL Lighting product becomes defective in terms of hardware, during the warranty period, InnovaDEL Lighting will determine with you whether the defect of the product is included in this warranty. InnovaDEL Lighting, at its absolute discretion, may replace or repair the product under warranty. Labour costs associated with the repair of the product may be covered by InnovaDEL Lighting if deemed to be under warranty. Before any repair or exchange of products under warranty, you must obtain the prior approval of InnovaDEL Lighting. You must contact InnovaDEL Lighting to obtain a Return Material Authorization Number. You must contact InnovaDEL Lighting Customer Service, online or by phone, to obtain a Return Material Authorization Number. Contact information is available on the InnovaDEL Lighting website at The warranty period is not renewed or extended in case of repair or exchange.

    InnovaDEL Lighting guarantees defective or damaged LEDs that flicker or do not work, InnovaDEL Lighting will not replace LEDs that have decreased their luminous flux over time or LEDs that have changed brightness or color temperature (Kelvin).

    Out-of-Warranty Repair: You may return a product for repairs if it is not covered by the warranty only after receiving a Return Material Authorization number provided by InnovaDEL Lighting Customer Service. Labour and shipping costs associated with out-of-warranty repairs will only be paid by the customer, reseller or installer / integrator. Any repair of a product outside the warranty period is billed at a standard product-specific repair price. Non-warranty product repairs also benefit from a ninety (90) day warranty period from the date of receipt of the unit after repairs.

    Non-defective products: you will be notified if, after examination and control of the returned product, InnovaDEL Lighting concludes that the product is not defective. The product is returned to you and you cover the shipping costs associated with this return.


    Except as expressly provided in this limited warranty and within the limits of the law, InnovaDEL Lighting makes no other representations, warranties or conditions, express or implied, including any representation, warranty or condition implied. InnovaDEL Lighting does not guarantee that your use of any of its products will be uninterrupted or error free. Any implied warranties imposed by law are limited in duration to the limited warranty period and within the limits of the law. Some states or countries do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or exclusions and limitations on incidental or consequential damages to consumer products. Some of the exclusions and limitations of this limited warranty may not apply in these states or countries. This limited warranty is subject to change without notice.


    This limited warranty extends only to the original end consumer and is not transferable. This warranty is only valid if the InnovaDEL Lighting products have been purchased directly from an authorized distributor, dealer and / or an authorized InnovaDEL Lighting agent.